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© 2013 moderator Why become a web developer

Why become a web developer?

If you have interest in programming, building websites and web applications design, then you can consider web development as your career and becoming a professional web developer.

With the rise of open source software and latest web development tools, creating websites for your customers has become easier as compared to in the past because there are a lot of free scripts/ CMS available on the internet. However, certain customer requirements demand that you write custom code and do programming to build the additional features in the website.


Advantages of becoming web developer

There are certain advantages that you may get if you opt to become a professional web developer which are as follows

  1. As the internet attracts more and more visitors, large as well as small business are required/expected to have an online presence so there is natural increase in the demand of talented web developers who can design and develop accessible and highly usable websites.
  2. As the demand for web designers/developers is growing and it is healthy enough to support a large number of web development companies and a large of individuals who can work as freelance web developers.
  3. A web developer can do different types of web development jobs. From simple CMS installation, simple website layout design to complex websites supporting large number of users and custom client requirement based functionalities.
  4. You may start working as freelance web developer in the beginning and carry on to start a web development company of your own when you have enough contacts/links in the industry.
  5. You may build your own websites and monetize those website to earn a living by running those websites.


Finding Job as web developer

There are four main areas where web developer can focus

  1. Web developers can focus large corporate IT departments and they can be part of corporate web development team in order to build/maintain internet/intranet websites for the corporate.
  2. Web developers can target web development companies/software development vendors which take software projects from different clients and create website/ web applications for their customers.
  3. Web developers can work as freelancers and they can earn by capturing projects online and working from home.
  4. Web developers can create their own websites and monetize those websites through various ways.


Web Developments Skills and Tools

The web development tools, technologies and skills that are often required for this kind of role are as follows


  1. JavaScript
  2. Oracle Java
  3. Hypertext markup language (HTML)
  4. Structured query language (SQL)
  5. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  6. Extensible markup language (XML)
  7. Microsoft .NET Framework (.NET)
  8. PHP
  9. Website development
  10. Software development
  11. jQuery
  12. CMS like SharePoint or WordPress


SharePoint , and .net framework are more popular in large corporate enterprises whereas WordPress and PHP are more suitable for smaller business websites.

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