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Free Web Hosting for your Killer Website

Last night I was searching for any free web hosting option. Particularly, I was looking for some free hosting option that should allow to write code in PHP and MySQL. There are a lot of free blog sites option available like but I needed a more advanced hosting option where I can upload and run my custom PHP code files and also needed MySQL database. So I searched on google and came across this website ( Free Web Hosting with PHP, MySQL, website builder). I quickly signed up on this website and I found that this hosting satisfy all of my custom development needs and best of all its FREE!!! I also recommend this to anyone who wants to build/host a custom website on internet and want a free hosting option. This free hosting option is great for low traffic sites such as learning/experimental/educational projects. I will make use of this web hosting to learn PHP and MySQL and I will also post articles related to PHP/MySQL development on this website in a series of articles. I will try to make a professional website and will show you the code for it and later on we will see that how we can monetize that website. The sign up process is simple. The steps are detailed below 

1. Browse to the url
2. Click on the sign up button shown on the home page.

3.  This will display the form as shown below
 choose the free domain option and enter the name for your sub domain. Try to make it unique as the website will validate that if it is avilable or not. Enter your full name, email address and set the password. Enter captchas and press the “create My account” button. 
4. As soon as you press the button, you will receive a confirmation email with a URL.  You have to click on the URL. The website will setup your account. 
5. Once the your account is created, you can visit the sub domain that you entered in step 3 and you will be shown the default page as shown below.  
5. Once your account is created. You can login into the member area by providing the username and password that you provided in step 3.

6. Once you login into the member area, you will be able to control various aspects related to your website through the control panel. 
In the next articles I will show you how to use these options to build your custom professional website using PHP and MySQL.
In the meantime Happy Coding.
I am developer

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