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Earn more, Monetize

Earn more with Ad networks, Is it Possible?

Make more money | Simple trick explained….

The other day and explaining some of my settings and strategies, I thought one tip I mentioned should be given more explanation.



This little tweak can improve your earnings significantly so it is something to keep in mind when you plan your monetization.


I kind of only mentioned it, but I did get several questions about it via e-mail. I think it would only be fair to explain the strategy a bit more.


I mentioned that if you want to make more money, you should have fewer ads. Yeah, sound crazy, I know. But it works.



There is one important number which we will revolve around in this post – CTR, the famous Click through Rate.



Ad CTR = Clicks / Ad impressions


The higher the CTR the better your pages are performing.

High CTR means that a large percentage of people are clicking on your ads

 (in simple words).


Now I am getting to the point of the post… Every advertiser wants their ad to bring traffic, so he wants more clicks. Obviously, pages with high CTR are getting more clicks and advertisers want to see their ads on those pages.


They “compete” to put their ad on a high CTR page. If you have one of those, you will get better, higher paid ads on your page. Higher paid ads bring more money.


Simple rite :)

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